With the help of our extensive catalogue data, we provide you with the best possible support for your online business. We are happy to deliver our products to you or directly to your customers’ homes. Flexibility and speed are first and foremost at Libri.

Kundin sucht im Internet über eCommerce ihr gesuchtes Buch

Product data for eCommerce & ERP systems

Libri catalogue data includes an extensive range of national and international book titles, e-books and many other non-book articles, updated on a daily basis.

Buchhändlerinnen organisieren sich mit Libri für die nächste Buchbestellung

From articles in your shop to order receipt at Libri

Just like your own online shop, our order receipt system is available 24 hours a day, processing your orders quickly, reliably and securely. Our proven EDI process handles hundreds of thousands of orders every day while offering the flexibility that you and your customers expect.

Libri Mitarbeiterin bereit im Versandservice eine Bestellung für den Versand vor

Libri.Direkt shipping service

Fulfilment carried out to the highest standards: we deliver to your customers, worldwide directly to their homes with Libri.Direkt, saving you time and storage capacity.