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Speed matters. Experience, too

Time is key to success. Serving your customers quickly gives them an advantage. This has been the case at Libri for more than 90 years. During this time we have accompanied the development of the book industry – as well as continuing to develop it.

Cutting-edge logistics services for the book trade

As the leading book wholesaler in Germany, Libri is a central link between publishers and brick-and-mortar as well as online bookstores. From our hub in Bad Hersfeld, Hesse – in the heart of Germany – we provide one of the most modern logistics services in the book industry.

With our reliable overnight delivery service, we supply our customers – over 4,000 bookstores of all sizes – with books they have ordered or send them directly to end customers on their behalf.

With the largest range of titles in the German book market, we cover over 95% of the needs of even specialist bookstores.

We have developed one of the most efficient logistics and IT infrastructures for the retail book trade. In our role as consultant and service provider, we make available catalogue data, EDI interfaces, white label shops, ordering and merchandise management systems as well as providing a clearing centre for forwarding orders from publishers.

Our own BOOXpress delivery service provides fast overnight deliveries and makes a significant contribution to ensuring that books as a symbol of our cultural diversity are present everywhere.

PLUREOS in Bad Hersfeld

Working together for more diversity in the book market.

Continuous availability, broad visibility and immediate delivery of millions of titles across the entire book trade – this is Libri Print-on-Demand, the platform for publishers from Libri and BoD. The core of Libri Print-on-Demand is the most advanced print-on-demand and logistics centre in Europe located in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. It combines the latest digital printing technology from BoD with Libri’s state-of-the-art distribution centre.

Libri Print-on-Demand extends the limits of physically stocking books with the infinite possibilities of digital storage. In the print-on-demand process, titles are digitally stored and individual books are only printed and delivered to the end customer once an order has been placed through the bookstore. Thanks to Libri Print-on-Demand, publishers can keep their entire range of titles continuously in stock and have them delivered to bookstores overnight. Millions of German-language and international book titles are thus immediately available to readers.

Libri Print-on-Demand also effectively prevents overproduction and book returns while providing publishers with risk-free, flexible book publishing – for more diversity in the book trade!

company logos Libri, Libri Print-on-Demand and BoD

Thinking ahead about the book trade – in an on-going dialogue.

At the Libri administration centre in Hamburg, customer service, purchasing, sales, marketing and IT development work closely with book retailers and publishers on creating intelligent services and products for the industry. Also organised from this location as well as the realisation of information services such as Libri.Magazine.