Working together for more diversity in the book market.

Libri print-on-demand for publishers

Our goal is to strengthen the competitiveness and future viability of publishers and the book trade as a whole. With the seamless integration of BoD’s print-on-demand production into Libri’s book wholesaler’s logistics, we ensure uninterrupted and immediate availability of millions of titles. Libri print-on-demand stands for future-oriented and sustainable publications and opens up new publishing and sales potential for its customers.


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Libri print-on-demand makes unprecedented diversity in the book market possible.

Uninterrupted availability, broad visibility and immediate delivery of millions of titles across the entire book trade – this is is possible with Libri print-on-demand. As part of a group of companies, Libri and BoD combine the strengths of proven book wholesaler logistics and sustainable print-on-demand production to create a unique offering in Europe.

At the Bad Hersfeld location, Libri print-on-demand combines the latest digital printing technology from BoD with Libri’s state-of-the-art distribution centre. This way, millions of German-language and international book titles are available overnight to readers. Libri print-on-demand effectively avoids overproduction as well as book returns and offers publishers risk-free and flexible book publishing – leading to more diversity in the book market.

With Libri print-on-demand, millions of German-language and international book titles will be available immediately, uninterruptedly and in an environment-friendly way.

Unlimited title availability thanks to hybrid storage

Continuous availability without tied-up capital

Overnight delivery of almost all titles

Large variety of options and highest print quality

National and international sales and distribution

Sustainable book production

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For booksellers


It is our goal to make all titles available for immediate delivery to booksellers. Libri print-on-demand enables millions of German-language and international titles to be available immediately, uninterruptedly and in an environment-friendly way. Thanks to our integrated logistics and print-on-demand production at our Bad Hersfeld facility, digitally stored titles can be printed on the day the order is placed and delivered to the bookshop overnight – ensuring more title variety, customer satisfaction and sustainability.

How Libri print-on-demand works

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Uninterrupted and immediate availability

With Libri print-on-demand, titles are listed for the entire book trade – both for brick-and-mortar stores as well as online – and are available to readers at any time. The books have unlimited visibility in the market and are ready for immediate shipment as paperbacks. Out-of-print titles are a thing of the past and even high demand occurring at short notice can be quickly met.
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Environment-friendly production with very short lead-times

Incoming orders from book sellers are processed via the warehouse for stocked titles. In the case of digitised titles, the required copies are printed on the same day using the sustainable print-on-demand process. State-of-the-art fast-track production lines enable paperback copies to be produced in less than two and a half hours. Even orders from brick-and-mortar bookshops that are placed shortly before the order deadline can be produced and delivered next day.
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Seamless integration in book trade logistics

The seamless transfer of printed copies to the book trade logistics system takes place via a pouch sorting system, where one book is transported in each pouch. Within a few minutes, the ordered copies are consolidated and sent directly to the picking station. When Libri print-on-demand started, the pouch sorting system comprised more than 26,000 pouches. In the final expansion phase there will be more than 45,000 pouches.
Der PLUREOS-Taschensorter

Precisely controlled transfer to customer book trays

At the picking station, the freshly printed books come together via the pouch sorter and the customer book trays from the Libri warehouses. Depending on the book trade order, the newly printed books are transferred to the individual customer tray or the copies are packed for direct shipment. The books are then transferred to the outgoing goods area.
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Fast deliveries to booksellers

On the same day, the ordered books are despatched for overnight delivery to the book shops. In the case of the availability of paperback titles, there is now no difference in time between digitised titles and those that are physically in stock. With this unique offering in Europe, Libri print-on-demand makes an unprecedented variety of titles possible in the book market.

Our services

Take advantage of our services that suit your needs

Libri print-on-demand Print Service

Professional book printing with print runs starting from just one edition: high-quality, flexible and fast.

Libri print-on-demand Drop Shipment

Professional book printing with print runs starting from just one edition with worldwide direct shipping on behalf of the publisher.

Libri print-on-demand Performance

Professional book printing with print runs starting from just one edition with comprehensive listing in the entire book wholesale trade.

International Sales

Use print-on-demand together with our international wholesale sales network, to increase the reach of your titles.


We can convert your titles to ebooks and distribute them to all relevant retail outlets.


Open up new revenue opportunities through the sales-driven digitisation of printed material.


The publishing software for print-on-demand upload and order management and for production control of copies for the press.

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„Print-on-demand solutions with integrated logistics opens up new possibilities. would be happy to advise you how you can use our services for the success of your company.”

Karsten Kaufmann – Head of Partner Management

Cost-effective book production

Graphic regarding cost-effective book production

Print-on-demand opens up potential for cost savings

Libris printing and logistics is the most cost-effective solution for distributing your titles on a permanent and immediately available basis to the entire book trade. With print-on-demand you can effectively avoid costs that come with storage and logistics, book returns and administration. A holistic view of all processes for each individual book results in decisive cost advantages compared to print runs with direct sales distribution.


What services can we take care of for publishers?

This video gives you key insights into the services and processes that BoD undertakes for publishers.

What options do we offer?

We offer numerous configurations for your book:

Formats and pagination
  • Free choice of formats from 12 x 19 cm to A4 (in 1 mm steps)
  • Pagination from 24 – 1,200 pages (depending on the cover and type of paper)


  • Laminated
  • Matte, gloss or textured laminate
  • Printed inside cover option


  • Laminated or dust jacket
  • Straight or round spine
  • Matte, gloss or textured laminate
  • Headband
  • Ribbon page marker upon request
  • Stitch-binding upon request


  • Up to 48 pages
  • Formats: A5 or A4
  • Wire-stitching


Spiral binding (Wire-O)




  • 80 g white or cream
  • 90 g white or cream
  • 120 g coated matt white

How do sales and distribution of the titles work?

We list your titles directly in the book wholesalers’ catalogues. The notification to the German Books in Print List (VLB) is made by the publisher. Your titles are thus available in brick-and-mortar bookstores and online bookshops across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Trade orders go directly to BoD via wholesalers. We produce the titles as needed with our print-on-demand process and deliver the printed copies to the retail booksellers via the book wholesalers.

We also offer you the option of listing and selling your titles internationally via affiliated partners. We are currently affiliated to book markets in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, China, India, Brazil, South Korea and Japan.

Direct orders that we receive from the publisher or from publishers’ distribution centres can also be produced on demand and sent to the recipient in your name and with your accompanying documents.

What catalogue data has to be provided?

The data must be prepared in the ONIX standard plus further information on any optional details (position of the coloured pages in the inner book, type of paper, etc.).

Does BoD cooperate with publisher distribution centres?

Yes, all well-known publishers’ distribution centres are already connected directly to BoD via established order interfaces. Further deliveries and publishers can be directly connected to BoD at any time.

Are short print runs possible with print-on-demand?

Yes, although BoD prints books as required from just one edition, small print runs are of course also possible.

Is it possible to print multi-volume works on-demand?

Yes, BoD offers the publication of multi-volume works with a single ISBN assigned to the whole set.

Where is the print data stored?

All print data is stored on our servers in Germany in compliance with the highest security standards.

What does it cost?

Publication costs per title depend on the service package you have selected. The print price per ordered copy depends on the book design (cover, size, number of colour pages) and can be clearly determined using our retail price calculator.

How long does it take to produce the books?

Paperbacks are usually produced within 1 to 2 days. The production time for hardcover titles is 2 to 3 days longer due to the drying and binding time.

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