From articles in your shop to orders received at Libri

Just like your online shop, our ordering service is available 24 hours a day to process your orders quickly, reliably and securely. Our tried and tested EDI system processes hundreds of thousands of orders every day while offering the flexibility that you and your customers expect.

Mitarbeiterinnen von Libri überprüfen die aufgegebenen Bestellung eines Buchhändlers im System

Order transmission for conventional books

Libri XML offers you a choice of two types of order submission for physical items.

As a batch operation for the general electronic transmission of order data. Here, order requests are sent to Libri as files via FTP. In combination with stock checks of the inventory feed (IVF), updated on an hourly basis, this enables you to regularly update article availability in your shop.

In addition, you or your shop system can check the availability of the desired article in dialogue mode via web service during the purchase process and receive immediate feedback from our system. If this feedback is affirmative, the purchase process continues and the order is executed.

Order transmission for e-books

For the sale of e-books we provide you with our Libri Digital Gateway as a web service. This automatically generates a URL after the order has been received, which you forward to your customers. The customers then have the option of downloading this individualised file on their end devices.

You bill your customer and Libri issues you an invoice for the cost of goods and the fee for the technical processing service.

Libri.Digital Rights Management ensures that you have all the information you need for legally compliant order processing, for example to comply with sales restrictions in certain countries.

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