Libri.Digital for Booksellers

Where would you like to offer e-books to your customers? Online in your web shop? On mobile devices like e-readers or tablets? Or quite traditionally over the counter of your bookshop?

Libri.Digital helps you sell on any platform. To achieve this, we run a constantly growing digital catalogue with German and international e-books. And it is easy to connect your own online shop to the Libri template. And still easier to make use of the Libri.Shopline white label shop system.

Selling digital content over the counter: Libri.Connect will see to it

Your customer chooses his e-book and pays for it on your premises – just like he does for his printed books. There will be an immediately Libri-generated download link, which you as the retailer will hand to your customer via e-mail. All he or she has to do is klick, download – and read.

Interested in our digital services?

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