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We are Libri: “I have a deep passion for numbers“

Project manager Marian Glodde speaks about his career at Libri and his current tasks. One thing is for sure: it will not at all be boring for him in Bad Hersfeld!

19. May 2021 Reading time 1 min 0

I am Marian Glodde and I have worked at Libri for 12 years. Of this, I worked 8 years in the product management and later in the purchasing department at our headquarter in Hamburg. Now, I work as a project manager on processes and logistics at our logistics location in Bad Hersfeld.

One of my core tasks is the support of numerous projects and process improvements together with all colleagues that make everything possible for our customers on a daily basis. As a project manager, project team member or PMO (Project Management Office), I contribute with my experience from Hamburg as well as from the past projects and put it to good use at this location.

The central focus of my current work is PLUREOS, the largest and most modern print-on-demand hub in Europe. No matter whether being involved in the pre-planning stage, the construction of the hub itself, the implementation of the logistics and printing technology or the first customer order, every single day is exciting and challenging!

Furthermore, I have a deep passion for numbers and analyses. To gather usable information from big data for everyone involved, is a matter truly dear to my heart.

Do you have any questions to my tasks in Bad Hersfeld?

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