Your Partner for Success

For 80 years Libri has established itself as an innovative and dependable partner to the book trade. This success is due in no small part to three core values and objectives that have shaped Libri’s past and will shape its future:

Working with books – our job satisfaction

It’s always been the books themselves that have especially motivated everyone at Libri. Our staff’s spirit and energy, dedication and enthusiasm are reinforced as they identify with the task to which Libri has felt committed right from the start: maintaining the diversity of the books it offers by providing cost-effective and speedy comprehensive distribution to the trade. What spurs us on is the desire to provide the true “book people”, the cultural movers and shakers in our industry – that is, the publishers and booksellers – with as much operational support as possible so that they can let us, and our services, take the strain.

The courage to innovate

The ability to network, and the farsightedness to view upcoming changes as a chance to innovate, are seen as the core competencies for corporate success today. Libri always relishes the challenges of the day as opportunities. We believe that the difference between dreams and goals is action!

However, at Libri, innovation is never an end in itself. It is, at all times, governed by the overriding aim – to optimize book distribution, either by improving service or reducing costs.

We are convinced that, in conceiving and implementing these ideas, we have created a logistical platform that will help secure the future of the book trade in the 21st century.

Confidence in long-term partnerships

Our commitment to strong customer relations and sustained corporate success for both partners is closely bound up with our enthusiasm for innovation. Changes entail both investment and risk. Joint objectives between loyal business partners, open communication about success or the lack of it, and common pride in what is achieved are the driving force behind our willingness to invest.

Close cooperation with our customers makes for even more dedicated staff – our most precious asset. The commitment we show as we work day and night to achieve success means that our company is brimful of expertise and innovative energy.

The job satisfaction we get from working with books, the courage to innovate and our confidence in long-term partnerships will continue to govern how we think and what we do into the future.